Thank you so much BIKINI PHOTO SAFARI (BPS) for choosing me as one of your models again during your may summer shootout :-) It will always be my pleasure to work with u guys who are so kind. To the photographers and specially to the founder of this group ,mr. Rob Lucas thank u so much.Let me express my sincerest gratitude to be part of this group.Hope to have more projects together with my very own BPS family. :-)

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Anna Mae

Thank you for choosing me as a model of this event. Got the chance to meet new friends :) So nice working with all of you guys..  Kuddos ♥ Godbless :)

They are just soooooo awesome! I love BIKINI PHOTO SAFARI!!! Till next time!  My first trip to Cebu and my first time modeling Bikinis and these guys made me feel so comfortable and it was a blast working with them.

Abby Borja

Got a chance to join BPS in Cebu while back home in the PI (Philippines). Great experience, beautiful models, opportunity, networking, locations, outing, and the after shoot events are awesome. Great adventure-filled photo shoot in the beautiful Philippine Islands!

Jonathan Perez Photography

Jonathan Perez