Galina FedorovaThe first encounter you’d have with Galina,…

Galina Fedorova

The first encounter you’d have with Galina, you’d notice her long blonde hair, pouted lips, wide-eyes so expressive it illuminates any light that reflects off it and a body so breathtaking you’d think she’s the most beautiful Barbie.  But the most striking trait she has is the brain she’s blessed with, so wise from her travels and experiences, you’d be lost in the stories she’d have to share.

Just like anyone, she’s been through ups and downs.  However her smile never turns into a frown.  Always happy with her bubbly personality, she’s a caring, kind, out-going vegetarian.  Enjoying the markets and life, she lives in Thailand – the grassy green goodness at a bounty, it’s basically heaven.

This Russian Barbie with a soul so free enjoys being under the sun and in the sea.  A mermaid at heart hoping to conquer surfing, she’s brilliant and resilient with all the adventures she goes takes on.

Her modelling career began in China but now she’s traveled throughout South East Asia, all the way from Russia.  From nude art to glamour, high-fashion and magazines; she is so talented able to project any look, looking through her portfolio would be an art book.

One day she’ll achieve her dreams to live in California, USA. Until then this sun-kissed barbie enjoys life and all of its blessings. (Gabi Baljak)

**Photos by Francis Gamboa and Fernando Jauregui. Make-up by Erika Diaz. Wear by OlalaSexy. Location at Malapascua and Bantayan Islands, Cebu, Philippines.

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