We have compiled some of the common questions asked of us and provided our best answers below. If you have questions not answered on this page, you may send you inquiry using our contact form.


Do we get to choose the models we are going to be photographing?

Depends on the type of package you are interested in.  Since we travel to remote locations the model lineup is pretty much set because it would be too difficult to have each person select their own model for these remote locations.  If you choose the basic Cebu package one that is located around the main city then you would be able to select your own model.  We give you the full opportunity to design the experience to how you would like to conduct the sessions.

Are the models available for any "After Hours Activities?"

Our models are just that, professional models, from the way they conduct themselves on these tours to their interactions with the photographers and we expect them to be treated as such. This is not a sex tour nor an escort service.

Can we make arrangements to bring our own model(s)?

We welcome the opportunity to have models that are not part of our lineup participate in our productions.  Arrangements can be made when discussing this with one of our tour consultants.

Photo Studios, Locations, Camera Equipment, Makeup Artists & Interpreters

I’ve never been to the Philippines which location(s) should I choose?

The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands each with its own distinct beauty and history. Extensive planning and research has gone into the locations that we have selected.  Each location has unique qualities that make them stand out from the others from accommodations, ease of travel and close proximity to inter island transportation methods. However, they all share the same reason you are coming here and that's remote tropical settings AND our Models. With that said there is no wrong or right answer in terms of selecting a location. If you have no preference our tour consultants can make recommendations based off of our questionnaire that you will fill out prior to booking one of our trips. Additional information can be obtained in the location information area for each of our locations.

I've been to the Philippines and the most popular destination for foreigners is Boracay with their white sandy beaches and abundant nightlife. How come you do not have any tours setup for that location?

We have elected to stay away from heavy tourist traffic in order that we may have more isolated and secluded beaches. This is why we have chosen to NOT conduct any tours to this most popular beach destination in the Philippines.

I don't have professional camera equipment what are my options?

We have equipment available for rent from low end point and shoot digital cameras to high end digital SLR's. Please let us know if you are interested and we will make sure that there is adequate equipment available for you. Please click here to see a list of the available equipment.

I have my own camera equipment and would consider myself a semi-professional photographer. Can I bring all of my equipment?

The type of traveling we will be doing is based on precalculated gear, weight and people involved as we load and unload from boats, vans, airplanes and water buffalo (kidding!). You are welcome to bring your camera and lenses but we would encourage you to save travel costs in the form of excess baggage fees and leave your flash units, umbrellas, reflectors and the like and use our equipment. We have calculated these non camera equipment costs into the price of your tours so there is no need for you to bring these items. It is our experience that what we have on hand is plenty to meet even the most demanding professional photographers needs.

Are we provided makeup artists for our models?

We provide Hair and Makeup Artists for all of our models and that is built into the cost of all of our tours.

Do you have stylists available?

If you need stylists we can make arrangements for one to be provided to you. We can get you a sample of their work prior to booking them. Since this is not part of the normal services provided on our tours additional costs would be involved.

Do the models speak English and is there a communication barrier with the photographers?

Most of our models speak relatively decent English. Keep in mind that most of the general populations speaks English as a secondary language and outside the traditional English speaking countries the Philippines has the highest efficiency rating when it comes to speaking English.

Booking and Payments

Is there a minimum amount of days that I need to book on these tours and how many days would you "recommend"?

We would welcome the opportunity for you to visit each of our locations of which there are currently 4. Due to travel logistics we plan for 2 days shooting at each location. Hitting all 4 of our locations would entail 8 shooting days plus 1 travel day in between which would make a trip with us 11 days. (8 shooting days and 3 travel days) this does not include arrival and departure days. If you had 2 weeks to schedule for this then I would say you could fit in all 4 of our locations. Due to the way we schedule our productions we do have a minimum of 2 day(s) increments that you would have to commit to with our tours.

Testimonials and Other Questions

This is all fascinating! How exactly do these "tours" operate and what should I expect?

You most likely will be flying into Manila and making your way to one of our locations. There are a few international direct flights into Cebu but these flights are limited. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our local staff who will make the arrangements for transport to the local hotels that you will be staying at. Your first night will be a meet and greet with the models you will be shooting the next day.  Our tour leader will explain in detail all the relevant information you will need to know to make your tour go smoothly and to make sure you have a great experience. We setup our tours in multiples of 2, 4 or 6 days with 1 day of travel in between every 2 days. You may be in our main location, Cebu for two days then travel on the third day to our location in El Nido, Palawan. Along the way you will get to see the scenic beauty the Philippines has to offer. Each day you will shoot 4 different models so for a 4 day tour that would work out to shooting 16 different models. In the evenings you will have the opportunity to participate in our "workshops" to edit and review the photographs you shot that day. If you choose not to participate in the workshops then you are free to partake in the local nightlife.

I would be interested in having a friend accompany me on my trip to one of your tours. How do we work that out and is it possible?

It depends on the package you are interested in. The “City” package is located where you can hire the number of models you want and are free to make the arrangements you would like since there are no other photographers involved. If you go on our “Travel Packages” where there are a fixed number of photographers and Models then it would not be possible to have a friend accompany you. On the Group Tours we run a tight ship in terms of getting our clients where they need to be to catch the right light be it sunsets, sunrises or appointments at scheduled times on remote islands. We also have all modes of transport that we use planned out to fully utilize the space for people and equipment. With that in mind we can not accommodate additional persons that are not scheduled on one of our tours as this would not be fair to others on your tour that are not bringing a friend.

What happens in the evenings when there are no shoots or productions going on? What do we do with this time?

We have training workshops that cover both video and photography editing if you wish to immerse yourself in these areas to help make you a well rounded photographer and or videographer. If you do not wish to partake in these activities then you are free to fill your time with what the local nightlife has to offer. The more remote locations we travel to may not have much nightlife compared to the major population center of Cebu.

How about "Nude" photography? Are we able to shoot more than just bikinis and lingerie?

We do not currently offer any type of "nude" photography.

I really want to attend one of your tours. This all seems too good to be true. Can you talk to my wife and convince her that I should go on one of these.

We appreciate your position. We in no way allow any type of non professional conduct with our models or staff and our customers. Our staff and models are like family to each other and family always look out for one another. At the end of the day this is all about entertainment and creating an adventure that can forever be relived through the content that our customers create. I digress, yes, if you need one of our staff to "speak" to your significant other by all means we will give it a shot!

4 models per day on the group tours that leads to a lot of pictures and videos that we are able to take. Do we own this content and are we free to sell it?

If you would like model releases for the content that you shoot there are additional fees to obtain the necessary model releases.

About the Philippines

Why the Philippines. Isn't that a dangerous place?

There are inherent risks travelling to a 3rd world country. Muslim separatists in the south of the country recently signed a peace accord with the government in Manila. We research and team with individuals from the local population to try and mitigate any potential harmful situations. We take all precautions where warranted but realize that being 100% safe from these type of activities is not realistic.

The Philippines has been pictured through the media world wide as not a very safe place to travel. However the facts are quite different. To the most part, the Philippines is quite a safe country to visit. Probably, safer than most of the developed countries. There are only a couple of places in Mindanao that tourists should not travel to. These areas are actually far away from any of the tourist destinations. These places are the central and western portions of the island of Mindanao in particular the islands of the Sulu Archipelago. In that part, avoid the islands of Basilan, Jolo and Tawi Tawi.

Please read these articles for additional reasons to visit here:



This is the tropics. What happens if there's torrential rain or a typhoon.

We realize all plans are not perfect. We truly want to take you on "safari" which we feel entails being outside as much as possible. Short of being on the beach and an island we feel that we have not met our obligation to you to live up to what our name implies. If mother nature does not cooperate we have backup plans that involve utilizing our studios and different residences we have access to. For typhoon related issues we will refund the cost of our tours. Any airfare related charges will be determined by the airlines weather related policies.

I've never been to the Philippines. Can you tell me a little about what it's like there and what to expect?

The people are warm and friendly and most have a very good grasp of the English language. In a recent news article the Philippines was considered the most English literate country outside of the countries that have English as their native language. Our operations are in the central part of the Philippines where most of the 7,100+ islands are located. Cebu City is the second largest city outside the Capital of Manila.  Manila is congested with all the trappings of a big city. Cebu and the islands where we operate are a lot less congested and you get the feel of island life outside of Cebu City. The Philippines is a third world country so they are not the clean cities you might be used to seeing.

What are the visa requirement for entry into the Philippines?

Currently most visitors will be given 30 days free upon entry.  Please check this link to see if you are required to obtain a visa before visiting.