Here’s what our clients and Models say about Bikini Photo Safari.

Thank you so much BIKINI PHOTO SAFARI (BPS) for choosing me as one of your models again during your may summer shootout :-) It will always be my pleasure to work with u guys who are so kind. To the photographers and specially to the founder of this group ,mr. Rob Lucas thank u so much.Let me express my sincerest gratitude to be part of this group.Hope to have more projects together with my very own BPS family. :-)

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Anna Mae

Thank you for choosing me as a model of this event. Got the chance to meet new friends :) So nice working with all of you guys..  Kuddos ♥ Godbless :)

They are just soooooo awesome! I love BIKINI PHOTO SAFARI!!! Till next time!  My first trip to Cebu and my first time modeling Bikinis and these guys made me feel so comfortable and it was a blast working with them.

Abby Borja

Got a chance to join BPS in Cebu while back home in the PI (Philippines). Great experience, beautiful models, opportunity, networking, locations, outing, and the after shoot events are awesome. Great adventure-filled photo shoot in the beautiful Philippine Islands!

Jonathan Perez Photography

Jonathan Perez

I’m honored to be a part of this project for I can write a book about my brief experience this weekend (Dec. 14 to Dec. 17 2013). In 3 words: Fun, Exhilarating, Educational. Check out their website for full details. Also check the page in Facebook: – Hope to see you in future Safari Adventures!!!


Attended Summer Shootout May 2014 and South Cebu Safari October 2014

Erich Caparas

What’s there not to love? The beautiful Island of Cebu has so many beaches to shoot at, throw in some island hopping and this is a first class location with which to conduct these tours.  The staff and crew were outstanding and made sure everything was dialed in!   My biggest thanks to the BPS Photo Assistants – Thanks guys!


F. Gamboa

We have just completed our first year of operations.  We have been planning these operations and developing the business plan for over 12 years. We have owned the domain name over this time period but have waited until now to commence operations.