We are photo enthusiasts that enjoy taking pictures and videos of beautiful bikini models in remote tropical island settings (Safari ). We provide the environment for photographers of all levels as well as the bucket list enthusiast to conduct professional bikini and lingerie modeling shoots in Tropical Island settings. We take care of the logistics from transportation and setting up equipment to helping you properly set up your lighting as well as your camera settings. All you have to do is just show up and start shooting! For the more experienced photographers we leave it up to you to decide how much help you need from us as you use our services to help build your portfolio. Our tours take you on a journey that shows you the true beauty of the Philippines. The scenic and picturesque islands we travel to could be considered an “Island Photo Safari” just by itself. We throw in some bikini models and our tours become an adventure you don’t want to miss out on. We are also into the rich culture and history of the Philippines and will share stories about the different areas we take you on during your travels with us.

We currently operate our tours in the Philippines where there are over 7,100 islands. With the endless number of tropical beaches and island settings there is certainly no shortage of locations with which to conduct these operations. Think of our islands as your canvas for the models!

We have only the most beautiful local Filipina swimsuit models as well as Caucasian import models to provide an exotic blend of models with which to shoot. We travel in groups of 4-6 photographers always maintaining a one to one ratio between photographers and models. This gives you the opportunity to join a group of photographers traversing different parts of the Philippine islands in search of the most picturesque locations to try and obtain the ultimate “Shots”. We even offer photo and video editing workshops in the evenings for those who want to learn these type of skills.

We primarily run travel workshops to remote island locations for swimsuit photography. However, our models are available for fashion, portraits, lifestyle, advertising and glamour. Our models.

  • Photo studio in Cebu City, Cebu Philippines. Our studio.
  • Many beach and island locations. Our islands.
  • Accommodations in modern apartments in Cebu City for extended stays and you select the level of comfort you prefer at our beach resort locations.
  • Airport transfers and driver to drive you to/from locations, studio etc. We can also mail you a preprogrammed local phone so that you have contact with us right when you exit the plane if you decide not to activate an international plan on your phone.
  • Hair and Makeup artists and stylists.
  • Photo assistants so you don’t have to move, carry, setup or touch any strobes.
  • Our local models are quite fluent in English and interpreters are not necessary. For our foreign import models we make sure they are either somewhat versed in English or we provide crew members that can act as interpreters. (Worst case scenario we use google translate on our iPads.)

Here is an accumulation of various links, blogs, videos etc. that we find interesting and would like to share with our readers so that you can get a more in depth knowledge of the Philippines and all it has to offer.  If you take the time to read, watch and review all of the following links we GUARANTEE you will want to come visit the beautiful islands of the Philippines:

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